Claire’s letter feels very relative. We had a prime example of people working together for our flower festival weekend at St. George’s, Wall. I have received lots of praise over the weekend BUT a huge amount of that praise must go to the wonderful, talented people who helped. People not only from our parish but from other parishes as well, truly churches working together. I felt very humbled by the efforts put in by many. I loved having so many in the church on Friday all working together making beautiful arrangements, but thanks must also go to the ladies doing the teas and for the preparations made in the gorgeous gardens which were open on Sunday, also to the people who donated flowers from their own gardens and to all the wonderful people who visited over the weekend and Frances for our service on Sunday morning. I also give thanks for the weather; it was not as was forecast and made a big difference to the happiness shown over the weekend. I know I am going on a bit but I do not apologise, it was such a big weekend for St. George’s and I don’t know how else to try to express the full amount of my gratitude. Yes we did make some money for the parish which was the prime motivation but in the end this was totally out-weighed by the love shown by so many over the events. God must be quite pleased with us all. I am now focusing on our ‘Tea in the garden’ but lots of my flowers have gone and getting tidied up is a major task.
We must not forget we have our harvest communion service at Heavenfield on 17th September at 10.30 am followed by a harvest lunch in Wall village hall.
TWIMC -Our next PCC meeting will be at 5.30pm at Bingfield Farm on Monday 4th September
God bless you all and much love. Helen
P.s. Tea in the garden has now happened. Again we were blessed with good weather and lovely people. Thank you all. H xx