St Michael, Wark

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It may be too early to say; It’s Spring! after the recent weather but, surely, it cannot be far off? – we hope. Living in the country I’m sure we all will have heard of `the lambing storm’ Could that have, been it?
We now look towards Easter bringing the end to the colourless and penitence period of Lent. Colour is returning to our gardens and the fields around so an ideal time to join us in St. Michael’s for Easter Day Holy Communion (9th April) at 8.30am continuing on to Easter Breakfast. Butties, tea etc. and good company. A perfect celebration.
On Good Friday, 7th April, setting off at 10.00am from Wark War Memorial is a Walk of Witness. Please join at 10 and the walk takes about an hour and finishes with coffee etc in The Town Hall.
The close working relationship with St. Michael’s and MURC continues and is being exampled to many as the way forward. Well done to all involved. Wark is shining a light.
Over the last couple of months, we’ve had happiness in the baptisms of Louie Martin John and Rosie, both grandchildren of Wark people, in fact one I think will be a great grandson? we welcome them to St. Michael’s. Milestone birthdays have been celebrated and sadness has passed through some families of Wark residents current and past with the death of loved ones. Blessings to all of them.
After all the eggs, be they chocolate or whatever, we settle down for a period before the dreaded word Garden Fete is mentioned! You’ve been warned – be prepared. The annual meetings of St. Michael’s were held on 22nd March so before printing deadline for this issue but as many have discovered `word of mouth’ tells a lot (how did Jesus let us know?) more and safer than `social media’ so you’ll soon find out by the local gossip what is coming up in the year ahead.
Until we chat again, Love to all, John