St Oswald in Lee (Heavenfield)

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Well spring is definitely arriving with the garden beginning to erupt with plants we forgot we had and so many weeds. Just hope snow and very hard frosts stay away as we and many others begin lambing at the start of April and young shoots are easily damaged in our gardens.
Social media has been inundated with photos of the murmuration at Wall. Amazing to see but hard to live with for the villagers having cars, gardens windows and pathways covered in droppings. I just hope that the trees which the birds roost in do not get killed off by the acid.
Please note that there will not be a service at Bingfield on 2nd April as it will be replaced by at service at St. Georges’ preceding the APCM which then takes place in the village hall.
We again have competitions primarily for young people on Easter Saturday (8th April) in St. Georges. All welcome to enter– see back page of broadsheet.
St Christophers’ at Gunnerton did a lovely job of hosting the World Day of Prayer followed by refreshment and chat– thank you to all involved .
Blessings Helen